Embarrassing Blog Gap

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I suppose that bloggers fall into two distinct categories. Those that are committed from the word go (and never stop) and those that aren’t (or do). When I launched blog this many years ago I was sure I was in the first camp but I guess I was wrong. The cool thing is that I knew I could resurrect this blog at any time, without any penalty (save guilt), and that is what I am doing – RIGHT NOW. It might take some time to build up whatever credibility I had earned before but I am willing to take a shot.

Rest assured I am well prepared to make a some serious hay here over the next little while, not just a post today and then another in 75 days. Last May I turned 40 and hosted a little beer bash for some friends and families. It was essentially a tasting party so I have lots of reports to file from that event.

I know you are probably thinking…when he is going to get to the beer and the good times. I believe I left off with #7…so look for #8 real soon and a lot more to come.

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Bringing Back the Blog

July 6, 2011 Leave a comment

This message may fall on deaf ears because it has been so long since I posted. Still I am happy to announce the re-birth of the Million Beer Blog.

What inspired this renaissance? A combination of time, interest and the consumption of three different beers over the past week. Plus, I will be making a trip before the end of the month so there is some good opportunity to add to the repertoire of reviews.

Hope many will come along for the ride. I am reinvigorated and energized.

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New beer from New Zealand Beer Nut

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

New beer from New Zealand Beer Nut.


I suppose it will only be a matter of time before all products in the market place are as green as possible.  It sounds like this is a step in that direction.

Yes…I will look into whether this is available locally

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WNWDW: New beer created for drinking in space – Odd News | newslite.tv

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I know, I know I am not blogging…er drinking enough.  But when I saw this I just had to share.

I am not even sure how to respond.  Is this genius, a waste of time, or a bit of both.  Better yet will I be able to include this in my Million Beer experiment.

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Drinks giant SABMiller Czechs in with new beer | Mail Online

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Drinks giant SABMiller Czechs in with new beer | Mail Online

via Drinks giant SABMiller Czechs in with new beer | Mail Online.

I know I haven’t been posting enough but this alert definitely caught my eye.  Why, because someway, somehow this brewery has a goat on its staff.  The goat is named Jaroslav of course.

It looks like this brew is leaving the Czech Republic for the first time.  If Jaroslav plays well in the UK perhaps it will arrive in a Beer Store nearby.

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Did the Breweries Invent Chicken Wings? (Beer #5 Rickard’s Red)

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

I am catching up yet again.  I had the pleasure of another classic wings and beer outing with a good buddy I hadn’t seen in a while (I know, this seems to be a theme.  What can I say, I have two kids.)  This time we visited the venerable Toronto wing joint Bistro on Avenue.  In my opinion they have the second best wings in the city.  Who is number one?  Well I am sure they will be revealed soon enough in a future post.

Paired with more “medium” wings than should be consumed at time was a pitcher of classic Rickard’s Red.  In the very first post I introduced Rickard’s White but the Red is the far more common of the two.  I can’t explain why but this is but RR is one of those beers that is better on tap than in the bottle.  If anyone can explain it I am all ears.  Either way the Red was fully enjoyed and consumed and I must admit the half pitcher made the cycle home more challenging than expected.

Gotta keep this one brief as I have another post to catchup on too.

More about Rickard’s Red:  This claims to be Canada’s #1 Red beer.  I don’t doubt that distinction but to be honest can not find any others in that category – although I hope to.  According to the website it contains brewer’s caramel.  I wonder what the difference is between that and regular caramel.  Love the fact that the website offers a recipe including Red.  Check it out here.

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