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Beer Number 1: Rickards White with a Twist

July 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So glad to finally have something to report.

Went out for wings last night with a couple of best buds, for anonymity sake lets call them J & M. It has been a while since we all got together and after a flurry of emails we agreed (sort of) on Duffs on Bayview.  This is only my second time at Duffs and first at this location. They claim to serve authentic Buffalo Wings. Whether this is true or not I will leave to the experts but I have to say they are definitely very tasty, although I prefer drier wings.

As part of a combo, J and I split a mini pitcher (and I do mean mini – it barely filled two glasses) of Rickard’s White.  When it arrived at the table there was an orange wedge for each glass so at least this first beer blogging experience was a little beyond the norm.

This seems like a very good summer beer as it goes down easy, especially with that hint of orange (Gee I hope my analysis will improve as this blog progresses).  All in all it was pretty good even though I was mocked for palming my glass due to sticky fingers.  “Forgive me for being thirsty and wanting to spare a few napkins”.  The Rickards White was gone before I knew it as the conversation drifted from job satisfaction, city politics and of course fantasy baseball.  Before we knew it the bill was served it was split evenly which is what you do when you are with great friends…trust me it will all even out in the end (I hope).

Of note: Rickard’s White is one of many Molson/Coors products and according to the website is served with a wedge of orange to bring out the “refreshing notes of citrus”.  Whether those notes exist or not I can not say but I love when things are out of the ordinary like that.  I hope that through this blog I will discover more along these lines.

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