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Beer #2 – Steam Whistle

July 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Other than good brew there seems to be a theme evolving here  – good friends.  I am not surprised in the least.

The most recent sipping took place on Saturday night when school chum D (for his protection) came over to the homestead.  It has been months since we got together (not suprising since we have a combined 5 kids under the age of 5) so I gave him a tour of the new casa and we sat down for a beer in the kitchen – pure simplicity.  I had two varietals in the fridge, the first was Steam Whistle a local brew with a classic green bottle the other was little known Black Oak Pale Ale from just a ways down the road in Oakville – I had tried it before (pre-blog).  D chose the Black Oak, I grabbed a Steam Whistle and away we went.  Topics discussed:  parenting, lack of sleep, LeBron, the Toronto Raptors and possibly a mention of a finance prof who seemed focus more on getting to the pub than his students.  Before we knew it it was close to midnight and time to shut down this rager.

Back to the beer – Steam Whistle Pilsner.  This is a very good beer, although I must admit I didn’t know it was a Pilsner until I checked the website.  It goes down easy and although it is not trying to do anything gimmicky it seems better than its peers.  What I also love about Steam Whistle is their branding.  They serve only one varietal, have an easy to remember look, fun delivery vehicles and support many local events.  They have only been around for about a decade but I think they have a great future in front of them.

P.S. They do offer tours which considering how close I am I should definitely check out.  If I do I will totally bring you along.

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