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Beer #3: A Date with Alexander Keith’s (and my wife)

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Had the rare occasion of  a night on the town this past weekend.  Thanks to the lucky fortunes of the wifey we were off to dinner and a show all expenses paid…sort of.  Her luck of the draw garnered tickets to Legally Blonde and a gift certificate for Milestones.  I of course took this occasion to sample from the brew menu, especially when the waitress pointed out

Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale
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that domestic pints were only 5 bucks (I am not really sure if that is a deal though).  A quick scan yielded nothing new to try but several that had yet to be posted to the blog.  I went with a draft fave – Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale.  In addition to having some of the best commercials going this is a very good beer and staple on the Canadian bar scene (for my international audience).  It came, was cold and added to my sausage ravioli and shared apps led to a very filling meal.  Better than the beer was the company as we chatted about where we might land to celebrate an anniversary and a break from the kids in the future.

A little more about Alexander Keith’s:  For those from around here (Canada) we all know you can ditch the Alexander part when ordering.  The most popular varietal is Pale Ale but a scan of the website indicates there is also a Premium White, Red Amber Ale, Light Ale and Dark Ale…who knew.  My guess is that those are only found in the beer’s native habitat for Nova Scotia.  I guess I will have to visit, haven’t been out east in a while.

P.S. The play was fun and I think I saw someone drinking a beer in the party scene.

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