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Does Organic Beer Make You Smarter? (Beer #4)

Hi there…it me  again.  It was longer than expected since the last post.  I didn’t disappear, just went through a bit of a dry spell but I am glad to finally have something to report about and another social date in the calendar tonight where the brew will be flowing as well, I expect.

Thursday (sorry for the delay) we had some very good friends visiting from overseas (London) for a BBQ.  Paired with my now famous Chicken Diablo Burgers was a new brew (at least for me) from Mill St Brewery.  My friend (another J), lets call him JS, his lovely wife and I partook in their Organic Lager. It comes in a clear bottle and feels like a solid summer beer.  Hard to tell from the taste that it is organic but I do believe that you feel a little different when you consume anything with an organic label and it certainly spawned some discussion (hence the subject line) amidst the London Olympics, World Cup, feeling old and of course, all of our kids.

According to their website this is the first certified organic beer in Ontario.  Mill Street guarantees that the raw materials and and brewing process are pesticide and herbicide free.  They also have a tasting note:  Delicate floral aroma; light palate with malty flavour balanced by some hoppy bitterness (I like the sound of that).  And last a few food pairing suggestions – seafood, light pasta, cheese and fruit.  Instead we served burgers, corn, “slaw” and ice cream cake for dessert.  The brew came through beautifully even though we went off the menu.

A little more about Mill Street Brewery:  This brewery is one of a few found within the Toronto city limits.  Nestled in the historic distillery district it has become a fun destination with its brew pub open every day of the week (I had brunch there once – it was good).  Mill Street products are pretty easy to find throughout the city but I am not sure how wide their distribution is beyond – a chance for Mill Street to reach out.

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